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Don’t Let Tree Roots Uproot Your Pavers

“Invasive tree roots can be a problem for homeowners who are considering installing paving stones.  Taking the necessary precautions to avoid roots growing beneath the surface of pavers is important.”

Invasive tree roots can be a problem for homeowners considering the installation of paving stones, as the roots could jeopardize the integrity of the paver system. And while there is nothing that can be done to completely stop tree roots from growing near installed pavers, there are some steps that can be taken to mitigate the risks.
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Here Are The ABC’s of Redoing A Pool Deck

Let Our Patio Pavers Contractors Walk You Through The Process

When it’s nice and warm, people living in Southern California love to be outside and in or around their pools. Over the years, you might see it’s time to redo the pool deck so that important aspect can keep up with the otherwise great atmosphere and good times you’ve fashioned. We’re always here to help and we have a large selection of elegant pavers that will add charm and comfort to your existing pool deck that might be cracking with age. Read More

Why Pavers Pool Decks Are Better for Your Family

If you are like many Southern California homeowners a backyard pool is an integral part of your family’s downtime.  A pool can create hours of outdoor play or a quiet place to relax and soak up the sunshine.  Whether your pool is full of splashing and laughter or a quiet spot for reading your pool deck sets the stage for outdoor fun.  A pavers pool deck is both durable and beautiful, making it the perfect solution for your family. Read More

How Long Will It Take to Install Pavers at My Home?

We often are asked about the length of time it will take to install pavers. Luckily, that is something we can answer easily. Once we’ve visited your home for your complimentary consultation, we can review your timeframe and our schedule and plan the days we will install pavers for you. Read More




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