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Organize The Flow of Your Outdoor Spaces With Walkway Pavers

As a top rated pavers contractor, we use walkway pavers and patio pavers to define outdoor spaces. In Orange County, pavers are often used in the place of wood decking and are more elegant than a cement patio. Paving stones have a rustic beauty that cannot be matched by other materials, in part due to their complexity. Since they can be created in a smooth surface or one with textural depth, they present a truly unique appearance. Read More

Unique Design Features That Can Be Created Using Pavers

If you are planning your pavers project, consider all of your outdoor spaces.  While some homeowners have patio pavers and driveway pavers to complement their outdoor spaces, others enjoy adding unique design features to add a touch of glamour.  At Go Pavers, we are the best pavers company in Los Angeles because of our talented design team.  They take our customers ideas and turn them into a stunning reality.  We have won awards on both Houzz and Angie’s list and have positive Orange County contractor reviews on multiple sites.  If you want to incorporate unique features into your landscape, we are the contractor to call.

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Steps for Building a Garden Pathway Made of Walkway Pavers

There are few things more beautiful than a garden full of vibrant colors and lovely flowers of various sizes.  As the fragrance from your garden drifts through your open window, think of how much more you would use the area if you had a garden pathway made of walkway pavers.

A lot of homeowners spend time gardening, planting, weeding, watering and caring for their flowers or vegetables.  Very few spend time sitting and enjoying their handiwork.  This is often due to a lack of planning. Planting flowers is not enough to create a garden that you can spend time relaxing in.  There must be a cohesive plan for how to wonder through your garden and areas where you can sit and relax.

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Incorporate Pavers in Your Home Design

If you are building or remodeling a home, consider using pavers to add character to your overall design.  Using one solid material on the exterior of your home can look dull and ordinary.  Paving stones are a simple way to add visual intrigue and make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.  Go Pavers is the top pavers contractor in Southern California and our design team would be delighted to share ideas on how you can improve the appearance of your home. Read More

Use Pavers as a Border

If you have been thinking about installing pavers, but aren’t ready for a major project, you should install pavers as a border around your existing driveway, walkway, and garden beds.  Paving stones are absolutely stunning and add fantastic curb appeal to your home.  You can use colors that pop or ones that are sophisticated and subtle.  This gives you the ability to be completely creative and use the border as a way to make your property stand out. Read More

Host a Throw Down With Your Dream Outdoor Pavers Kitchen

Do you and your friends debate who is the best griller in town?  In Southern California, grilling is part of the weekly routine as friends, family, and neighbors gather to eat outdoors and celebrate all that life has to offer.  Go Pavers can design your dream outdoor kitchen so that you can host casual dinners, the next neighborhood block party, or your very own Throw Down – LA style. Read More

Create a Stunning Entrance to Your Home Using Pavers

The holiday season is here and with it comes parties, family dinners, and gatherings.  Your home is a place for celebration.  A place to spend time with those that you love.  It should be warm and welcoming so that you and your guests can feel comfortable. Many homeowners focus on the inside of their home but neglect the exterior.  Even if your home is decorated with attention paid to every detail, an outdated entrance can make your home feel old and tired. Read More




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