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Install a Pavers Pool Deck for Summer

Now is an excellent time to install your pavers pool deck.  The warm spring weather and upcoming summer is the best time to be outdoors playing with your children and entertaining friends.  In Southern California pavers pool decks are the ideal solution for doing both.  They are durable, practical, and gorgeous.  The perfect combination.  Here is why a pavers pool deck is the perfect solution for your home this summer. Read More

Why Pavers Pool Decks Are Better for Your Family

If you are like many Southern California homeowners a backyard pool is an integral part of your family’s downtime.  A pool can create hours of outdoor play or a quiet place to relax and soak up the sunshine.  Whether your pool is full of splashing and laughter or a quiet spot for reading your pool deck sets the stage for outdoor fun.  A pavers pool deck is both durable and beautiful, making it the perfect solution for your family. Read More

Pavers Pool Decks are Sophisticated and Durable

With the fall weather turning cooler now is an excellent time to do maintenance on your pool, including installing a new pavers pool deck.  Pavers add a level of sophistication to the areas where your family likes to play.  The pool area is generally busy, rowdy, loud and a lot of fun.  The challenge is finding a way to make your pool space look sophisticated instead of dated and cluttered.  Pavers pool decks are the solution. Read More

Designing Incredible Outdoor Seating Using Pavers

Gorgeous weather, sunny days, and a culture that loves spending time outdoors is part of what makes Southern California an amazing place to live.  In Orange County pavers set the stage for outdoor barbecues, wine tastings, pool parties, gardening, relaxing and more.  Pavers are more durable than standard concrete, have a rustic charm, are easy to maintain and absolutely gorgeous. Read More

The Best Patio Pavers Design Ideas

Patio pavers turn an ordinary patio into an outdoor living space that your family will want to use year round.  There is something about exquisite design, interesting textures, and rustic beauty that captures the imagination and delights the senses – paving stones do all of those things.  They have been used since the Romans rule the earth and can still be found throughout Europe, gracing the walkways of old villages and the courtyards of cathedrals.  Your home can have this intimate connection to history, with the modern convenience that patio pavers bring.  They are more attractive and durable than their concrete cousin and using patio pavers will add a luxurious feel you have been looking for. Read More

Pavers Pool Deck Design Ideas

In Southern California pavers, are the ideal solution for defining your outdoor spaces.  They can be used to create walkways, patios, steps, outdoor living spaces, and more.  They are also a fantastic option for your pool deck.  Pavers pool decks turn your backyard into a high end retreat.  If you want to feel like you are at the resort, without ever leaving your home, install a pavers pool deck and let the relaxation begin.  Our Go Pavers design experts have been creating exquisite outdoor spaces for clients throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  Here are some of our favorite design ideas that our clients have loved: Read More




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