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How To Calculate The Paving Stones Price For Your Project

If you are considering completing a driveway pavers or patio pavers project, this is an excellent way to improve the appearance and functionality of your home.  Pavers add an elegant charm and beauty that is equally durable, making them ideal for your family’s home.  At Go Pavers, we understand that our customers and their design taste are unique.  With that in mind, we offer the largest collection of pavers online.  We invite you to browse through our collection for design ideas and inspiration.

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How to Save Money with Pavers Specials

If you are doing a major pavers project, pavers specials can save you hundreds of dollars.  Go Pavers has the largest collection of online pavers so that you can shop and compare from the comfort of your home.  Paving stones are durable, gorgeous, and the ideal material for Southern California homeowners.  Here are our tips to help you save money. Read More

Paving Stones and Stamped Concrete Cost

If you are looking to transform your patio, or install a new one, you have several options to consider.  You can have a standard concrete patio, brick patio, stamped concrete patio or pavers patio installed.  All of them have unique features and a completely different look.  Stamped concrete cost can be lower than pavers, but you will miss out on some of the intrinsic benefits of working with paving stones. Read More

How To Determine the Cost of Your Pavers Project

Pavers are exquisitely beautiful.  They have a rustic charm that is reminiscent of old European villages, Spanish style houses, and quiet gardens.  While concrete has been the standard choice for driveways and patios in the U.S., pavers are the historical option that has been used since the Romans ruled the world.  Many of these pavers still stand today, gracing the walkways of historic towns and monuments.  This is a testament to their durability and why driveway pavers and patio pavers are replacing concrete in many Southern California homes.

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How to Compare Pavers Cost

Go Pavers Prices enable you to create a completely customized outdoor space that will be the envy of all the neighbors.  Instead of buying pre-made outdoor kitchens, having a basic concrete driveway, or a boring backyard patio – you can design an extraordinary space that rivals ones featured in Architectural Digest. At Go Pavers we have comprehensive 2D and 3D design services that enable you to see how your design ideas will look before ever breaking ground.  We give home owners the same design tools high-end designers have been using for years. Read More




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