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Top 5 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit in Your Home

A fire pit adds more beauty, warmth, ambiance and value to your home

Ask most folks and they’ll say, “Home is where the heart is.” This is, of course, for good reason. Home is, after all, where we feel safe to kick our shoes off and enjoy the quiet moments of life. It provides refuge from the stresses of work and, during especially busy times of the year, can serve as a rewarding “staycation.”

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Top Reasons to Choose Go Pavers for Patio Pavers

Here at Go Pavers we often speak on the superior appearance and environmental benefits of the interlocking concrete pavers and permeable pavers we offer. Did you know that our paver stones also provide incredible strength and durability benefits that elevate their performance well above poured concrete and asphalt?

Let’s take a look at the history of pavers and the nature of their uncommon strength and durability, and how we’re a Los Angeles pavers contractor that builds upon that tradition.

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Pavers Are Designed For Rough Times

When it comes to the debate between concrete vs pavers, we’re certain that pavers are the ideal choice when it’s time to update your home’s appearance. With spring and summer on the way you’ll be spending more time outdoors enjoying the splendor your home decor brings. However, If this happens to be your first time doing a pavers installation project, you might have concerns about what is to become of your existing driveway and even consider using your new pavers to cover the existing concrete surface that you have. There are many reasons why doing so could end in disaster and here’s why.

Imagine that your concrete driveway has taken some damage from a recent earthquake. If you went ahead and placed pavers above the concrete driveway, you’ll have twice the mess with half of the effectiveness, leaving unsightly cracks on concrete that could be already worn and dried out. It’s a tremendous hassle to clean up. Even worse, you’ll end up paying more for removal and restoration.

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How to Get the Best Paving Stone Price With Go Pavers

We offer the best pavers prices along with the largest online collection of paving stones. At Go Pavers, we are passionate about adding the elegance and beauty of paving stones to your home. We believe that this starts by offering you, the homeowner, a choice in which design and texture is right for your home and your landscape. Understanding that for many of our customer’s budget is an issue, we regularly run pavers specials so that you can get a discount large enough to afford your dream project. Read More

Why Go Pavers Works With Local Pavers Manufacturers

At Go Pavers, we work with local pavers manufacturers to ensure that the quality of our paving stones in the best in class. We take our reputation as the best paver company very seriously and as such the quality of our products are of great importance. Though there are pavers manufacturers throughout the world, we believe that some of the very best are located in California. We are privileged to work with them and bring you, our customers, the best pavers around. Read More

Visit Our Outdoor Display in Stanton to See How Stunning Pavers Truly Are

If you have been looking for a Los Angeles pavers contractor and unsure of who to work with, we invite you to visit our outdoor display in Stanton.  We understand that it can be difficult to visualize how a pavers project will look in your outdoor space, and this display provides an excellent demonstration that you can use for design inspiration.  As an Orange County pavers contractor we have selected various paving stones so that you can compare the difference in texture, shape, and overall style.  Feel free to walk around, touch them, and see how stunning pavers can be in real life. Read More

Selecting Pavers Los Angeles Masonry Contractors

When installing pavers Los Angeles masonry contractors should be your first stop along the way.  Hiring an experienced contractor is extremely important because it will make your job go faster, and you will get the results you were looking for.  An inexperienced pavers contractor could fail to meet some basic installation guidelines that help to make your pavers durable and sturdy. Read More

Tips for Interviewing Paving Companies Los Angeles

When looking for paving companies Los Angeles you can start by doing a search on Google.  You will see various companies that offer installation services.  Before you select one, it is important to do your research.  Hiring the right pavers contractor will make the difference between a finished project that you love or one that you will have redone by an actual expert. Read More




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