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Using Pavers to Create an Indoor Outdoor Space

Pavers have unsurpassed natural beauty that exudes charm and romance.  By installing pavers you can recreate the romance of old Spanish missions and warm summer nights.  They have a warmth that sets the stage for evenings events by moonlights, warm summer days, and relaxing afternoons in the garden.  Paving stones are truly the stunning solution for transforming your landscape.  Their diversity and durability also makes them an excellent option for creating indoor outdoor spaces. Read More

Pavers Pool Decks are Sophisticated and Durable

With the fall weather turning cooler now is an excellent time to do maintenance on your pool, including installing a new pavers pool deck.  Pavers add a level of sophistication to the areas where your family likes to play.  The pool area is generally busy, rowdy, loud and a lot of fun.  The challenge is finding a way to make your pool space look sophisticated instead of dated and cluttered.  Pavers pool decks are the solution. Read More

Paver Steps: A Lovely Design Solution

One of the many benefits of stone pavers is being able to create a design that is completely customized to your home.  You don’t have to go with an in the box solution.  You can create both straight and curved designs using a variety of colors and textures.  Stone pavers give you the ultimate flexibility.  Paver steps are a fantastic way to use stone pavers while making your outdoor space beautiful.  Whether designing the steps to your front door, or a path leading to the garden, paver steps are both lovely and functional. Read More

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You may have noticed a few changes at  We recently completed a very thorough redesign of our website to improve the information we share with you on paving stones and the paver installation process. Read More




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