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4 Ways to Put Patio Pavers to Work With Your Landscape


Learn tips for creating permeable walkways and adding curb appeal to your home with patio pavers.


You can add charm, character and value to your home by putting patio pavers to work around your property.

The landscape surrounding your home is one of the best places to improve the curb appeal and value of your property. You can use pavers in the planting areas, in the living areas or as sidewalks around the space for some visual emphasis. Here are the top four benefits of using pavers in your landscape:

1. Increase your property’s value

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Pavers Are Designed For Rough Times

When it comes to the debate between concrete vs pavers, we’re certain that pavers are the ideal choice when it’s time to update your home’s appearance. With spring and summer on the way you’ll be spending more time outdoors enjoying the splendor your home decor brings. However, If this happens to be your first time doing a pavers installation project, you might have concerns about what is to become of your existing driveway and even consider using your new pavers to cover the existing concrete surface that you have. There are many reasons why doing so could end in disaster and here’s why.

Imagine that your concrete driveway has taken some damage from a recent earthquake. If you went ahead and placed pavers above the concrete driveway, you’ll have twice the mess with half of the effectiveness, leaving unsightly cracks on concrete that could be already worn and dried out. It’s a tremendous hassle to clean up. Even worse, you’ll end up paying more for removal and restoration.

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Unique Design Features That Can Be Created Using Pavers

If you are planning your pavers project, consider all of your outdoor spaces.  While some homeowners have patio pavers and driveway pavers to complement their outdoor spaces, others enjoy adding unique design features to add a touch of glamour.  At Go Pavers, we are the best pavers company in Los Angeles because of our talented design team.  They take our customers ideas and turn them into a stunning reality.  We have won awards on both Houzz and Angie’s list and have positive Orange County contractor reviews on multiple sites.  If you want to incorporate unique features into your landscape, we are the contractor to call.

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The Process of Getting Paver Stones Installed: What’s Involved?


So, you want paver stones, but you’re not sure what all is involved in the process. How long will it take? Will it keep the yard in a mess for weeks? What is the pavers price per square feet? How much trouble will it be? Fortunately, the top-rated pavers contractors will see your job through start to finish, assuring the job is done right and competed in a timely manner so you can get back to doing what you do best — enjoying your home. Read More




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