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Kid-friendly Solutions for Backyard Designs

“Create an attractive and kid-friendly outdoor space with backyard pavers.”

There’s no getting around it. If running, jumping and exploring are part of your kids’ daily routine (and they should be), a kid-friendly paver walkway is an excellent investment. Designed to minimize slips, trips, falls and other injurious outdoor mishaps, while allowing kids to get moving as if they were running freely on a playground, paver stones work to keep you and your little ones safe no matter the goings-on.

By trapping storm water runoff and spray from a busy swimming pool or active sprinkler system, pavers make outdoor areas where kids are likely to play and run around, alot less dangerous.  Take a look at how garden pavers, patio stones and driveway pavers can create an attractive and kid-friendly outdoor area for your residence.

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Experiment with Paver Design Using Our Visualizer has just launched a new interactive tool to help you experiment with different paver design and paving stone styles!  Called our visualizer, this virtual computer aided design program lets you try out different looks quickly and easily!  Whether you are installing a driveway with planters and steps or a new pool deck with a BBQ and firepit, you can “see” how  the paver design will look before getting the work done. Read More




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