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4 Ways to Put Patio Pavers to Work With Your Landscape


Learn tips for creating permeable walkways and adding curb appeal to your home with patio pavers.


You can add charm, character and value to your home by putting patio pavers to work around your property.

The landscape surrounding your home is one of the best places to improve the curb appeal and value of your property. You can use pavers in the planting areas, in the living areas or as sidewalks around the space for some visual emphasis. Here are the top four benefits of using pavers in your landscape:

1. Increase your property’s value

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Tumbled Pavers – One Way to Blend with Existing Bricks

Build value and curb appeal in your home with the addition of tumbled pavers in stone walkways or patio pavers in your outdoor living spaces. It can be simple to choose a design, a pattern, or even tumbled pavers that will compliment or coordinate with your current brick exterior.

Natural products work well together and are not required to match to offer a smooth transition. Stone, brick, and wood are just some of the products that create amazing and versatile designs with coordinating projects or by mixing the products in unique and custom ways that work for your specific needs.

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Top Reasons to Choose Go Pavers for Patio Pavers

Here at Go Pavers we often speak on the superior appearance and environmental benefits of the interlocking concrete pavers and permeable pavers we offer. Did you know that our paver stones also provide incredible strength and durability benefits that elevate their performance well above poured concrete and asphalt?

Let’s take a look at the history of pavers and the nature of their uncommon strength and durability, and how we’re a Los Angeles pavers contractor that builds upon that tradition.

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7 Tips to Create a Paver Patio That Really Pops

If you want to live large, creating an outdoor living space is a good place to start. You can use pavers to help make the space your own.

Want your outdoor living space to stand out? The textures and colors of the patio pavers you select can help you create a unique look, especially if you add some unexpected elements to enhance your design. Follow these seven tips for crafting your one-of-a-kind patio paradise!

1. Make the most of color & texture

Let the wide range of hues be the driving force when developing your pavers design. Use shades that reflect the surrounding landscape or take a cue from the colors inside your home. Accent colors paired with unique paver patterns and textures can be utilized in the pavers design to help your patio space make a strong statement.

2. Create a living space in the great outdoors

The right paver patio ideas can extend your home’s living space. Consider how a custom seating area, dining area, barbecue or fire pit pavers could help to make the most of your patio area.

3. Consider multiple uses for the space

Outdoor living spaces can be some of the most versatile areas of your home. Consider the different ways you’ll be using your patio. Then select pavers and other hardscape that will make your space come together.

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Cozy Up Around Your Pavers Firepit This Winter

This winter, enjoy a firepit made of paving stones. As a best pavers installer in Los Angeles, we have built firepits for homeowners throughout the area. With comfortable California winters, there is no need to be stuck indoors. While the majority of the country is bundling up in thick coats, hats and gloves, we can enjoy the great outdoors year-round without the winter attire. Read More

Fun Design Ideas for Your Patio Pavers and Driveway Pavers

Before you design your patio pavers or driveway pavers project, be sure to browse through our online pavers collection so that you can compare various colors and textures.  This will give you an idea of the various types of paving stones you can use in order to customize the look and feel of your space.  We even have a free 2D visualizer tool that allows you to impose pavers onto an image in order to see how they will look once the project is completed.  When comparing styles and patio pavers prices, consider some fun design elements that will help your space to stand out.

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Use Our Design Tools to Bring Your Pavers Project to Life

When designing your pavers project, Go Pavers has design tools you can use to bring your ideas to life.  Paving stones have a rustic beauty that will enhance your landscape.  You can use them to improve your curb appeal by creating new pavers driveways and placing walkway pavers all the way up to your door.  Your backyard can turn into an entertainer’s paradise by using patio pavers to create outdoor living spaces that include a kitchen and living room.  The list of options is endless and at Go Pavers we have design tools that can help you bring your ideas to life.

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How To Use Pavers To Create a Fun and Elegant Entertaining Area This Fall

In Southern California, we are blessed with beautiful fall weather.  This is an excellent time to entertain outdoors and patio pavers set the stage for an elegant party with family and friends.  Whether you are planning an afternoon happy hour or an outdoor dinner party, paving stones are the perfect backdrop.  They come in a large variety of colors, textures and shapes so that your patio is sure to be one of a kind. We offer the best price on pavers so if you have been considering starting a landscaping project, now is an excellent time to do so.

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How to Build an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Using Patio Pavers

If you have dreamed of using patio pavers to design your own gourmet kitchen, now you can.  At Go Pavers, our designers can take your wish list and the paving stones you select then create a 2D or 3D model of your new kitchen.  This allows you to see what your new space will look like and make changes before ever breaking ground.  You can be as creative as you like and incorporate all of your must haves during the design process.

If you know that you want an outdoor kitchen but aren’t sure what should be included, here are some ideas to get you started.

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