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Artificial turf is an aesthetically pleasing, one-time cost and environmentally-friendly landscape option.


Artificial turf provides the same aesthetic appeal that a natural landscape offers, but without the regular maintenance. Not only is turf easy on your budget, but it’s also environmentally-friendly and some cities in Los Angeles county and OC even offer city rebates.

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How to Create an Outdoor Pond Surrounded by Paving Stones

A pond is a lovely addition to any yard.  Whether a serene reflection pool, a fish pond, or a pond beneath a bubbling water fountain, your outdoor space can incorporate the soothing elements of water.  This will enhance the overall look and feel of your home, creating a zen like outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.  By surrounding your pond with rustic paving stones you can enhance the natural elements that make your pond feel as if it belongs there. Read More




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