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What is the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute?

Go Pavers delivers quality paving stone, superior installation, and the best customer service.  In Southern California, pavers are a popular alternative to concrete driveways and patios but not every contractor understands how to install them in such a way that is both visually appealing and durable.  At Go Pavers, our project managers are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) to ensure that we follow best practices and deliver amazing results that our clients can count on. Read More

Customer Service Matters – Why Go Pavers is Different

Many companies claim to put customers first but few actually take the steps to do it.  Go Pavers understands that customer service matters, not only for the benefit of our company, but because any home project is extremely personal.  When someone hires us to install pavers, they are not simply purchasing a product, they are purchasing an experience and something that will be used for years to come.  For example, a pavers patio is something where our customers have outdoor parties and spend the weekend relaxing with friends.  In Los Angeles pavers are often used for pool decks, which means our customers will spend hours playing with their children on our pavers every year.  Paving stones can be the first thing guests see when pulling up to your home, as is the case with a pavers driveway.  Whatever you are using pavers for, a home remodeling project is personal and we acknowledge that.  We do our best to make sure that the installing process goes smoothly and our customers are completely satisfied. Read More

Experiment with Paver Design Using Our Visualizer has just launched a new interactive tool to help you experiment with different paver design and paving stone styles!  Called our visualizer, this virtual computer aided design program lets you try out different looks quickly and easily!  Whether you are installing a driveway with planters and steps or a new pool deck with a BBQ and firepit, you can “see” how  the paver design will look before getting the work done. Read More

What is ICPI?

ICPI Certified Paver Installers

What are ICPI Certified Pavers Installers and ICPI Certification?

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute  Certified Paver Installers program communicates minimum industry standards on estimating, planning, and executing residential pavers projects using interlocking concrete paver stones.  All of our pavers installers and project managers complete this program. Read More




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