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Using Geo Fabric To Prevent Liquefaction

Liquefaction can cause problems for homeowners when paving areas of the home. Geofabric can help with liquefaction issues.

What is Liquefaction?

Liquefaction is when water and loose sediments creep into soil to gradually lose its strength. Normally due to earthquakes, structures now become hazards, now at risk of toppling over or being perpetually stuck in a tilted state because the soil is now too soft to hold a foundation. It’s no different than putting your feet in wet sand; you tend to sink and requires more effort to walk out of.

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Top Reasons to Choose Go Pavers for Patio Pavers

Here at Go Pavers we often speak on the superior appearance and environmental benefits of the interlocking concrete pavers and permeable pavers we offer. Did you know that our paver stones also provide incredible strength and durability benefits that elevate their performance well above poured concrete and asphalt?

Let’s take a look at the history of pavers and the nature of their uncommon strength and durability, and how we’re a Los Angeles pavers contractor that builds upon that tradition.

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Make a New Years Resolution to Use Pavers to Transform Your Yard

It’s the beginning of a new year and now is an excellent time to incorporate paving stones into your landscape design. For most people, a new years resolution typically involves spending hours in the gym or hitting a personal goal. Why not create a goal for your home this year? Your home is where you live life and make memories with your friends and family. By updating its’ look, you will be excited to entertain while also having an oasis to relax in and unwind. As an award winning pavers contractor, we can create a design that allows you to do so. Read More

How to Get the Best Paving Stone Price With Go Pavers

We offer the best pavers prices along with the largest online collection of paving stones. At Go Pavers, we are passionate about adding the elegance and beauty of paving stones to your home. We believe that this starts by offering you, the homeowner, a choice in which design and texture is right for your home and your landscape. Understanding that for many of our customer’s budget is an issue, we regularly run pavers specials so that you can get a discount large enough to afford your dream project. Read More

Elegant Design Ideas Using Paving Stones

We are the best pavers company to design unique features for your outdoor spaces. We have received numerous awards including a design award from Houzz readers for our creativity. If you are looking for a new and fresh appearance for your home and landscape, now is an excellent time to start a landscape remodel. Our design experts can help you every step of the way and turn your ideas into a reality. Read More

Orange County Driveways That Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

We are the best pavers installer Orange County homeowners trust to transform the look and feel of their driveway. In many homes, the driveway is front and center – the first thing that you see when pulling up. Unfortunately, most driveways are a large grey block of boring. Instead of adding curb appeal, they can take away from the appearance of your home. Unless, of course, you switch to paving stones. Read More

Why Go Pavers Works With Local Pavers Manufacturers

At Go Pavers, we work with local pavers manufacturers to ensure that the quality of our paving stones in the best in class. We take our reputation as the best paver company very seriously and as such the quality of our products are of great importance. Though there are pavers manufacturers throughout the world, we believe that some of the very best are located in California. We are privileged to work with them and bring you, our customers, the best pavers around. Read More

Organize The Flow of Your Outdoor Spaces With Walkway Pavers

As a top rated pavers contractor, we use walkway pavers and patio pavers to define outdoor spaces. In Orange County, pavers are often used in the place of wood decking and are more elegant than a cement patio. Paving stones have a rustic beauty that cannot be matched by other materials, in part due to their complexity. Since they can be created in a smooth surface or one with textural depth, they present a truly unique appearance. Read More

How to Create a Hidden Garden Using Patio Pavers

Have you ever dreamed of having your own secret garden or a place to escape to? Now you can when working with the best paver company, Go Pavers. Our design team can take images of your yard or outdoor spaces along with measurements and design a hidden oasis for you to enjoy. Paving stones are the perfect material to use when doing so because they are incredibly durable and beautiful. Read More

Easy Ways To Update the Look of Your Driveway Pavers

If you don’t like the appearance of your driveway, you should install driveway pavers. Throughout Orange County driveways are made of paving stones because of how beautiful and durable they are. Pavers have a unique appearance that can be flat and smooth or tumbled to look like an old European hillside. That’s the joy of paving stones; they are as unique and creative as you are. With so many designs and shades available, you can fully customize the look and appearance of the entrance to your home. Read More




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