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Fire Pit

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit in Your Home

A fire pit adds more beauty, warmth, ambiance and value to your home

Ask most folks and they’ll say, “Home is where the heart is.” This is, of course, for good reason. Home is, after all, where we feel safe to kick our shoes off and enjoy the quiet moments of life. It provides refuge from the stresses of work and, during especially busy times of the year, can serve as a rewarding “staycation.”

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Creating a Romantic Pavers Fire Pit

If you want a romantic place to spend your spring and summer evenings, install a pavers fire pit.  You and your special someone can relax, drink a glass of wine, eat snacks and watch the stars. There is something about fire that is extremely soothing and romantic.  We can install a pavers fire pit for you today that you can enjoy this summer and year-round. Read More

Create Multilevel Decking with Pavers

Pavers are an excellent way to create an outdoor space that is truly unforgettable.  Other materials are restrictive, don’t offer large color varieties, and difficult to manipulate into shapes and patterns.  Paving stones are the opposite.  You can combine a variety of colors and textures to design a customized look and experience.  When installing pavers, we can even create multilevel decking so that you can separate entertaining areas.  Read More

Creating a Cozy Fall Space Using Paving Stones

Fall is here and while the temperature is still warm in Southern California, the leaves begin to turn gorgeous hues of reds and orange, while the evenings grow cooler.  Fall and winter and a fabulous time to go outdoors and enjoy nature.  Cooler weather bodes well for hikes and playing in the park, sitting by the fire and dining outdoors with friends.  Creating a lovely outdoor space will make this fall and winter more spectacular than the last.  Using paving stones you can design outdoor living areas that you and your friends won’t want to leave. Read More




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