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Seven Reasons to Love Pavers

There are many reasons to love having pavers in your garden. Perhaps you are drawn to the aesthetics or perhaps it is the feeling of using the same decoration as the ancient Romans. Whatever your reasons for liking pavers, they certainly provide a gamut of reasons to be used in any landscape. Regardless of whether you are seeking to enhance your walkways, improve your edging, or provide a cool backdrop to your pool, pavers have long been a popular choice. Coming in a variety of styles, sizes, and made from an impressive array of products pavers are a sure fire way to improve your garden. Here are a few other great reasons why you should consider pavers. Read More

Why Flagstone is Out and Mega Lafitt is In

Flagstone was an extremely popular type of paving stone that graced many walkways, patios, and driveways.  The problem is that Flagstone is not very durable and homeowners that installed it have ended up with maintenance challenges.  Mega Lafitt by Belgard provides the same natural look and feel of flagstone but is stronger and more durable.  Homeowners that have flagstone now, or having been considering it, should switch to Mega Lafitt pavers and avoid costly maintenance headaches in the future. Read More




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