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Pavers Are Designed For Rough Times

When it comes to the debate between concrete vs pavers, we’re certain that pavers are the ideal choice when it’s time to update your home’s appearance. With spring and summer on the way you’ll be spending more time outdoors enjoying the splendor your home decor brings. However, If this happens to be your first time doing a pavers installation project, you might have concerns about what is to become of your existing driveway and even consider using your new pavers to cover the existing concrete surface that you have. There are many reasons why doing so could end in disaster and here’s why.

Imagine that your concrete driveway has taken some damage from a recent earthquake. If you went ahead and placed pavers above the concrete driveway, you’ll have twice the mess with half of the effectiveness, leaving unsightly cracks on concrete that could be already worn and dried out. It’s a tremendous hassle to clean up. Even worse, you’ll end up paying more for removal and restoration.

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The Facts About Stamped Concrete

When selecting the hardscape material for your Southern California home you have several options to choose from including paving stones, stamped concrete, brick, and traditional concrete.  Each one will create a different visual effect and provide you with a solid surface for walking, creating a patio, driveway or pool deck.  Paving stones, however, are the most durable out of all of these options. Read More

How Durable Pavers Are Better Than Concrete

If you are bored with a standard concrete driveway or patio you may be looking for an alternative.  Rather than simply replacing your old cement driveway with a new or colored one you should see how fantastic your spaces will look with durable pavers. We have a free online pavers visualizer tool that lets you upload a picture of your home and see what it will look like once pavers are installed in certain areas.  Paving stones are glamorous and have a rustic beauty that conjures up images of old European villages set in the countryside.  You can experience this same beauty in your home. Read More




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