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Belgard Master Craftsman

Pavers Manufacturer Releases New Designs

Southern California pavers manufacturers consistently produce superior paving stones.  Go Pavers works with only the best and is pleased to offer our customers Belgard pavers.  Belgard is the largest pavers manufacturer in the United States with national distribution.  They invest over 20,000 hours into research and development every year.  With this commitment to innovation they release new designs every year.  Not only do the come out with updated colors but they have also identified ways to increase durability and efficiency. Read More

How Long Will It Take to Install Pavers at My Home?

We often are asked about the length of time it will take to install pavers. Luckily, that is something we can answer easily. Once we’ve visited your home for your complimentary consultation, we can review your timeframe and our schedule and plan the days we will install pavers for you. Read More




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