Paving Stones Add Spanish Charm to Your Home

Romantic glow on PaversIn Southern California pavers have been used to recreate the Spanish charm that Los Angeles and Orange County were once known for.  All over California you can see signs of the Spanish’s influence.  Nowhere is it more evident than at the old San Juan Capistrano Mission.  There you will find a gorgeous old mission, courtyards made of pavers, flowing fountains, beautiful flowers, bird chirping, and California as it once was.  This is the history of California and romantic beauty that captures the imagination.  You can create old Spanish charm in your home using these ideas.

  • Courtyard.  Create a lovely courtyard using pavers.  You can still see paving stones in the courtyard at San Juan Capistrano.  They capture the imagination and provide a durable surface that weathers the test of time.  Your courtyard can be any size but making it circular gives the aura of old world charm and warm evenings listening to a Spanish guitar.
  • Install a Fountain.  The sound of cascading water falling over your own fountain or water feature is relaxing.  The sound will wind its way into your home and create a soothing environment both inside and out.  Sit by your fountain and read a book or place chairs near it for a quiet gather spot.  We can build a fountain or water feature made of pavers that will look beautiful in your courtyard or flowing into your pool.
  • Create Archways.  Have rounded archways built at the entrance to your patio or home.  This simple design element adds a level of old world charm that is hard to recreate.  It is instantly recognizable as having Spanish influence when made of stucco or stone.
  • Courtyard Walls.  We can create privacy or courtyard walls using the same style of pavers that are found in your courtyard and walkways.  This turns your outdoor space into a private oasis with the character of a secret garden.  This is especially ideal for areas in Los Angeles where homes are close together.
  • Furniture.  Buy natural darker wood furniture with simple white cushions to complete the look.  The goal is to create a relaxing and soothing environment where the elements of wood, stone, and water are the focal point.

You can separate yourself from your neighbors and step back in time to your own Spanish retreat. Paving stones are the ideal solution for transforming your outdoor space.  You can start today by speaking with one of our design consultants.  They are experts and able to create 3D renderings that show how your retreat will look after the transformation is complete.  They can even include images of furniture and plantings to complete the visualization.  Consultations are free so call today and learn more about our design and installation services.  We regularly run pavers specials so you can shop online and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your transformation.  View our large online pavers inventory and create your Spanish style oasis today.




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