How Pavers Are Manufactured

What is the process of making pavers?


Have you ever wondered about, “How pavers are manufactured?”

At Go Pavers, we have.  So Go Pavers, together with Belgard a leading pavers manufacturer, decided to present a behind the scenes look to address the question of “How Pavers are Manufactured?”  This informative video is yet another part of our efforts to educate and increase awareness of landscaping with pavers.

Watch the video and learn about how pavers are made, the process behind their incredible strength, what pavers go through a curing process, and understand what makes Tumbled Pavers more costly.

Go Pavers has a close relationship with the manufacturer of the pavers, Belgard, enabling us to ensure quality throughout the entire process, from manufacturing all the way to the installation. Belgard recommends choosing Go Pavers when you use pavers, since,  as an authorized installer, we have completed a rigorous training and inspection process.  We promise quality installation and guarantee our work and choose to use Belgard pavers because of their dedication to quality.

Belgard pavers are designed to provide years of protection in all climates. The quality of the concrete used to manufacture their (and our) products is rigorously checked at all times. Each day, in all plants, finished products are systematically sampled and put through comprehensive tests. These tests include measuring resistance to temperature extremes, evaluating the effects of de-icing salts, determining product stability, and testing the consistency of mixtures and load-bearing capacity and many other characteristics.

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